Making life changes for students with learning differences.

We provide remediation for students who are experiencing difficulties and have been diagnosed with dyslexia and/or attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD).


A unique programme that fosters self esteem

Oak Hill offers a unique half-day remediation programme to students with specific learning differences – dyslexia and/or attention deficit disorder, who are not achieving their potential in the mainstream classroom.


Teaching is in English and the programme provides students with three highly structured, multi-sensory lessons in reading, written language and mathematics.

Students typically attend Oak Hill for up to two years while continuing to attend their regular school for the remainder of their day, so that they can participate in the mainstream curriculum and attend extra-curricular activities with their peers.


Achievement, effort and resilience are celebrated within each component of the lesson and the programme empowers students to realise their potential by fostering self-esteem, concentration, social and academic skills.


Oak Hill  Events


Open morning at Oak Hill

MAR 26th

Come and visit Oak Hill. Our next "Open Morning" will be on Thursday, March 26th, 2020 at 10:00 am.







Sensory processing:

Too loud, too bright, too fast, too tight?

Sensational tips for teachers and parents.

By Vera Popovich (DipCoT; MMedSci)



Are your children (or the children you teach) sensitive to the clothes they wear or the food they eat? Are they distressed when unexpected changes interrupt their daily routine? Maybe they are slow to react when you call them and often seem wrapped up in their own world? These examples can often point to sensory processing issues – a term that refers to the way the nervous system deals with sensory messages and turns them into responses.


At home or in the classroom the “jumbled signals” children receive can often lead to either to an over-reactive nervous system or an under-reactive one, or even a mixture of both, and can lead to discomfort and unexpected behaviours.


This workshop will describe the 8 sensory systems (yes - eight!), as well as the different types of sensory processing disorders there are. The speaker will also share strategies that can manage the impact of sensory processing difficulties and help the child develop self-regulation both at home and in the classroom.


Suitable for primary and secondary teachers, parents, professionals working with children


Thursday, 12th March 2020, 6-7,15pm.  60chf paid by invoice.










Learning to study, studying to learn -  What do we need to know to help students  learn and succeed at school?


Dr Jennie Guise, Practitioner Psychologist

This seminar will explore the interconnected processes involved in studying and how we can assist our children to understand what happens when we learn. Long and short term memory, the storage and retrieval of learned knowledge, and linking new information to prior knowledge will also be examined.


Key points to be discussed:

• Learner confidence and academic self-esteem – does that have an impact?

• Barriers to learning – what are they and how can we overcome them?

• How learners work to understand and recall the information they have been taught

• Strategies to assist the development of positive study habits

• Resources/materials to help


This seminar is suitable for primary and secondary teachers, parents, professionals working with children.


Thursday, 13th February 2020, 6pm-7,15pm.  60chf paid by invoice.



FEB  13th



MAR 12th

Other events of interest:

Workshops focusing on cognitive behaviour by Margaret Curran

Margaret is an English-speaking Cognitive Behavioural Therapist currently based in Nyon, Switzerland. She offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mediation and Training in the Geneva and Vaud Region.   Please visit her website.



Vera Popovich has been co-director of Ergo-Leman SARL, a bilingual occupational therapy service for children, since 2015. For more information about their work, please visit her website.


Christine Breede-Schechter is a licensed speech pathologist offering a full range of speech therapy services as well as workshops empowering parents to be their personal best in helping their child/ren grow. Please visit her website.


Izumi Takase is as an independent Trainer and Facilitator and founded iPostiveLINC in October 2016, she often spends time at Oak Hill offering programmes relevant to the parent body, please visit her website.




Meet the team

Tricia has been a primary and middle school teacher for over 20 years. She has had multiple experiences leading special education/learning support in varying contexts in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Australia. She qualified as a teacher in the UK (Surrey University) with a B.Ed (Hons) and a Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) with the Hornsby Institute. Since then, she has received a Masters in Special Education (2011) and a Masters in Autism Studies (2015) with Griffith University, Brisbane and has recently studied in the US, gaining her IMSLEC qualification through the Hill Centre, North Carolina (2016). She is also an IDA Certified Dyslexia Practitioner (2017).  In 2018, Tricia completed her Masters in Educational Leadership with ACU, Australia.


B.Ed, M.Sp.Ed, M.Aut.Stds


Head Teacher &

Home School Coordinator

Rachel studied in Scotland and qualified from the University of Glasgow with a B. Ed Hons. She has since continued her studies to receive a PGCE in Inclusive Education from the University of the West of Scotland and is now working towards achieving a Masters degree in this discipline. She has worked as an additional support for learning teachers across both the primary and secondary sector. Prior to joining Oak Hill, Rachel was involved in developing a programme of assessments with educational psychologists to support dyslexic and dyscalculic students in her local authority. She has a keen interest in both literacy and numeracy difficulties and is qualified in several interventions to support students in these areas. Rachel has completed her IMSLEC qualification in the U.S.

B.Ed, P.G.C.E. Incl.Ed.

Reading & Writing Teacher



B.Sc., M.Sc., P.G.C.E.

Maths Teacher

Jonathan  lives in France with his wife, young daughter and sons. He joined the Oak Hill team in 2016 having previously taught Middle and High School Maths and Science at an international school in Switzerland. He qualified as a teacher in the UK (King's College, London) and is educated to PhD level. Jonathan has worked with adults with moderate to severe learning differences in Paris for three years. More recently he has completed studies in Dyslexia, Co-occuring Differences and Dyscalculia.

Joanne Roberts is the school administrator at Oak Hill. Following her successful career at Procter & Gamble in Logistics and Administration, she spent some years at home raising her family, before returning to work at a pre-school and being a parent volunteer within school communities. She is a mum of two boys, one of whom is an Oak Hill Alumni.



School Administrator

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