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"We are committed to providing a secure and supportive

environment in which your child can succeed".

Welcoming students since 2006

Oak Hill provides remediation for students who are experiencing difficulties and have been diagnosed with dyslexia and/or attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD).


Having observed the Hill Learning Center programme in Durham, North Carolina, USA and the results they produced, Oak Foundation pledged to create a similar facility for students diagnosed with dyslexia/attention deficit disorder in Switzerland.  In 2002 Oak Foundation committed to the only European replication of the Hill Learning Center - Oak Hill opened its doors in 2006.


After more than 10 years successfully supporting students and families in the Geneva area, Oak Hill continues to work in partnership with Anglophone schools.

Commitment to research

Oak Hill replicates the Hill Learning Center methodology. The Hill Learning Center is a pioneer in its rigorous attention to research and it has documented student gains through extensive testing and analysis for more than 35 years.


A 10-year Research Study was conducted by the independent research organisation Research Triangle Institute (RTI), on student progress at the Hill Learning Center.


The results of this Study validate the efficacy of the Hill Methodology and indicate that students improved their skills significantly and more quickly in reading, written language and maths using this methodology than would otherwise have been expected.


Student progress in standardised assessment

On average, students moved from the 22nd percentile to the 42nd percentile, an increase equivalent to more than 1 year ’s worth of academic growth during this school year.


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